So often we find ourselves wishing we had a different life, better life. We make dreams and goals but on the way there we find ourselves going back to old patterns. There is a great reason why and it’s called a comfort zone. For most people (especially ones that have 0 experience in sales), this business opportunity is a great way to test themselves. Are you ready to do what’s necessary to succeed? Are you ready to be better in order to have better? Model that I work with is called BE – DO – HAVE. This is something most people don’t like because society taught them to think that they first need to HAVE in order to DO and BE. Check out the video of the compensation plan and tell me what you think! Are you ready to build life of your dreams even if it means stepping into the self development world?

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*you can start this business without even purchasing the machine! (limited spots for this option)*


Work From Anywhere

Location freedom is something everyone wants. You have the opportunity to choose where you want to work from, the only condition is to have an internet connection!

Your Own Schedule

It’s not really sustainable to move to a country with an entirely different time zone. That’s one of the biggest benefits of NM, you get to choose when you want to work and for how long!

Personal Growth

On the way to success you’ll have to deal with your own limiting beliefs and triggers. You will have to step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the growth that process gives you!

choose who you want to work with

You make all the decisions. If you choose to have a team, you have a chance to connect before and see if that person is someone you want to work with.

no income tap

Unlike in traditional 9-5, you get what you (and your team) sell. Weather if it’s 1 machine of 300. You will get your money and bonuses accordingly. Also earning money while you sleep isn’t something that’s normal in traditional jobs.

help others

Not only are you giving people an opportunity to improve their health, you are helping to reduce plastic consumption in the world and you get to help others to start to work online! And for that you are being rewarded with a high commission.


Thank you for reading this! My name is Ivona and here are few thoughts on this topic; 

We are all unique humans that are trying to do their best. I’ve been working since I was 18 and I know first hand how it can be exhausting and unmotivating to even try to change your current situation. I’ve been part of this business in a way for over 3 years now (from the day I first found out about it). It took me 2 years of living a life I don’t want and 2 surgeries to finally decide to take control of my life and chase my dreams. In the last 3 years I saw how this business can transform your life and give you everything you want, but you do have to work for it. You need to work on your mindset and on the business. We are RIGHT NOW living in the big bang of a technological age. Time is UP on traditional, soul sucking, life draining work. In the next 10 years we will have such a technological boom that working online is going to be considered normal. But do you wanna transition to an online space  working for someone or do you want to make the rules?

My company has a unique opportunity that can transform your life forever. If you watched the video above, you could’ve learned that company I work with is a part of the Direct Selling organization and they have a patented compensation plan if you choose to do marketing and sales for them. They’ve been around for almost 50 years and have the life changing product! There has never been a better time to take advantage of social media and grow a business that aligns with your values. If you don’t feel like working with social media is something that could interest you, you can always go the ‘old way’ and do offline sales!

Don’t settle into situations, work, relationships or a lifestyle that isn’t serving your highest self. You are worthy of your dreams. This opportunity can be a ticket to achieve them.

Here are some things I can offer to you to make your life easier: 

  • 1:1 CALLS AND SUPPORT; I’m here for you, your success is my success! I’m offering to you free 1:1 coaching calls to get crystal clear on what you want from this business and what are your plans and goals. 
  • TECH HELP; before I started to do this business, I was a full stack web developer and designer so I have a lot of experience when it comes to things like building a webpage, tools to use for design and much more. I’m here to help and find a best way to establish your brand online.
  • ORGANIC MARKETING; if you choose to work online and through social media, I’ll teach you all you need to know about basics of organic marketing and current trends.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT; I will share with you tools and techniques that helped me a lot over the last few years, give you access to my library of books and share with you podcasts that can help you transform your life. 
  • COMMUNITY; you will  have access to private Facebook groups with recordings of different training as well as WhatsApp group where you can connect with other distributers. Those groups are here to provide you with extra accountability and support. 
  • MONTHLY LIVE MASTERMIND CALLS;  you will have access to  live and recorded calls from our top leaders, mentors and special guests plus bunch more!

Before you make the decision to move forward you  should beware that this is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and of course you need to learn new skills if you wish to be successful in this business. 


If you’re not fully convinced that this opportunity are the right choice for you, that’s OK, go ahead and read this testimonials and convince yourself.

This business has brought a fire to my life that I never thought I would feel again. I can actually see my dreams becoming a reality & I never thought that they’d actually be possible. I’ve gained friends from all over the globe & now have some amazing travel buddies too!

Tricia Humann

This business has changed everything for me. I’ve gained so much confidence not just with business stuff but in my day to day life, public speaking sooo much. It’s brought me to my now 'Bestest' friends, allowed me to live the life I always dreamed of in Bali and changed the way I think about so many things.

Hollie Freeman

Not only am I healthier, but I'm also more fulfilled. This business has allowed me to connect with my soul family & with people who truly care about the things I care about (the environment & living a life that feels true to our needs). I could write a novel on this decision alone! One more thing, THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT has been worth every single dollar/ minute invested into this passion project. FOREVER GRATEFUL.

Kelsey H. Ammon

This business has given me an insight to how many others there are like me, business minded people with a conscience and drive to do beautiful things for the collective. It’s helping me push through my own shadows and limiting beliefs, it’s helping me grow more authentically into my best self and has helped prepare my mindset for becoming a parent by showing me what aligned living actually consists of in reality.

Molly Janes

I’ve learned about this back in 2019. when the learning platform for the business was first made and I had no idea it would be the catalyst for changing my life forever. I knew that those machines and compensation plan are the unique opportunity I was waiting for but I didn’t feel like I was ready to start that journey. I started my journey even if I didn’t feel ready, but guess what, ready never comes and I don’t plan to live my life only on weekends and one month of vacation a year. Forever grateful for all the changes in my life and this beautiful community where I met some of my best friends and this job that gives me all the freedom that I so much needed.

Ivona Kižlin

I was already working online when I first learned about this opportunity, but I was definitely still trading time for money. Back then I was studying Health and Nutrition Coaching online and was also searching for ways to make passive income and build an additional income stream. I am forever grateful that I found out about this business, because it allows me to not only work alongside a high vibe community of motivated individuals from all over the globe-but to also promote healthy, sustainable and conscious living to others who are seeking to have an impact in this world. I finally found my passion project

Anike Kehinde


Book a call and we can talk more about it. If you wanna know more about machines or working online, I can send you a PDF that explains everything in greater detail.